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Looking for God

Last weekend my youngest daughter

Watched my son leafing through

The encyclopedia

To find the first president

Of the United States.

Yesterday, she said, “I want

To look for God.” I tried

To explain how God was like

An atom – that he was energy

Creating everything

And everyone in ongoing

Processes of physical

And metaphysical

Existence. She said,

“No, in the pedia book … ”

She pointed at the encyclopedia.

We looked for the volume containing

God. Labeled “GEOG-GRAN”

It contained GOD including

A black-and-white of Michelangelo’s

Fresco atop the Sistine Chapel.

“According to the … pedia

Honey, there are four proofs

For the existence of God.”

She would have none of it.

She was far more fascinated

By the picture of an ox cart

Caravan in the GOBI Desert.

And the curved horns of the bezoar

GOAT and what delight she had

For the tawny frogmouth, a GOATSUCKER.

And then she was done looking

For God. The television

Blared on to Bugs Bunny rattling

Daffy. The hum of my

Computer buzzed its electronic

Dreams, my son knows George Washington

Is the first President

And my youngest daughter found God

In the encyclopedia.

And my youngest daughter cannot

Find God in the encyclopedia.

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David Koehn’s poetry has been published, or is forthcoming in, a wide range of journals including The Bitter Oleander, Artful Dodge, Painted Bride, Wisconsin Review, West Wind Review, Southern Indiana Review, McSweeney’s, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Oxford Magazine, Cutbank, Apalachee Quarterly, Waterways, and Alaska Quarterly. David has an MFA from the University of Florida, a BA in Professional and Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon, an M.Ed (equiv.) from the University of Alaska, and was a Breadloaf Rural Teacher Fellow at Middlebury Breadloaf School of English.