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Ann Arbor Book Festival SHORT STORY CONTEST

Cash prize and publication in HOBART for the winner of the annual Ann Arbor Book Festival Short Story Contest. Entries for original short stories will be taken starting May 1, 2005, in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Book Festival in Ann Arbor, MI. Entry fee $10; deadline Aug. 1, 2005. Guest Judge Jonathan Ames.

Winner will be announced at Fall Fundraiser Event for the Book Festival, date TBD. Submit entries to:

Shaman Drum Bookshop
311-315 S. State St.
Ann Arbor MI 48104
c/o Ann Arbor Book Festival

There will be a winner chosen, though Hobart does have the final decision on whether or not to actually publish the story. No relatives or former lovers of Jonathan Ames are allowed to win!

Kenwood Review

Kenwood Review, an online poetry journal, is currently accepting submissions. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.  Visit for more information about guidelines. E-mail with poetry submissions or questions.


Now Available: John Holt's Kicking Up Trouble and Guide Wars

Kicking Up Trouble and Guide Wars may be purchased signed by the author for $15 each (including shipping and handling) compared to the original $30 price or both titles for $25.

Kicking Up Trouble is pure Holt, resembling a combination of George Bird Evans and Hunter Thompson. It’s all there: the birds and the beverages, the highways and the landscapes, the strange bird dogs and stranger adventures.” John Barsness

Robert F. Jones on Guide Wars: “Reading John Holt is like watching a great broken-field runner negotiate a backfield. The subject is always ’Escape to the Truth’ – in this case, fly fishing guides. The art comes in the moves Holt makes to achieve it; discussions of music, team sports, food, drink, politics, the environment, love, and loss. But always, and most starkly, the hook-up. John Holt is far and away the most honest writer in America. This book is another touchdown.”

Send check or money order to: John Holt, 115 South 6th Street, Livingston, MT 59047.

Now Available: Tom Sheehan's A Collection of Friends

A Collection of Friends offers nostalgia and impressions that give loving tribute to people who have passed through the life of author Tom Sheehan. He illuminates his own time from his Depression-era childhood to manhood, describing, with astonishing clarity, a deep and abiding respect for his Grandfather Johnny Igoe, who instilled in him the writing muse. Sheehan also tells of the heartbreaking sacrifices made by comrades in war and peace, and infuses this entire book with warm memories of his beloved hometown of Saugus, Massachusetts.

Visit Pocol Press online for more information:

Call for Submissions

A new quarterly literary magazine, JMWW, is looking for a few good submissions for its Fall 2004 issue. For more information or submission guidelines visit or e-mail the editor at


Now Available: David McGrath's Siege at Ojibwa

Based historically on the 75 year old dispute between Indian people and the Wisconsin government over ownership of the famous 15,000 acre Chippewa Flowage, Siege at Ojibwa is a book whose focus is on the state of Native and non-Native relations in America today. Set in the lush north woods of the Lac Court Oreilles Ojibwa Reservation, the novel follows the journey of James Longley, an Illinois photographer, whose love affair with Lee (Indian name "Hummingbird"), makes him a reluctant participant in the explosive conflict over modern day treaty rights. While the novel's thirty-five chapters wind their way through tragic love, cultural clash, mythic dreams, political realities, bigotry and psychotic violence, its primary view is of the land in question - its wildlife, its beauty, its wonder, and its fragility.

"McGrath captures the natural world of Lac Cour Oreilles Reservation - the woods, the water, and wildlife - with a rare, startling clarity."

- Tom Montgomery-Fate, author of Beyond the White Noise

"McGrath knows how to hook his readers. He's obviously been there andÉhas certainly mastered his craft."

- E. Donald Two-Rivers, author of Survivor's Medicine and Briefcase Warriors

Available from

Now Available: Tom Sheehan's Death For the Phantom Receiver

Thomas F. Sheehan's new Harry Krisman novel is a must-read even for those with minimal interest in football. Modern-day gladiators find themselves helpless preys to a killer with a woman's voice, and who strikes at night, taking remorseless advantage of men's immemorial weaknesses. Sheehan has his own idea of what makes a woman great. He solves brilliantly the age-old dilemma which opposes mind and body: by investing both with personality within his female characters, he makes them all the more real and many-dimensioned. Arguably, women are the true heroes here. Everywhere women are the bonds, the pillars, and the engines of life, so much so that heroes Krisman and Kell seem almost overwhelmed by their energy, especially that of Magnolia Comfort, fiery in appearance and character, and whose origin is a short but splendid story within the story. Dialogues suffused with Tom Sheehan's poetic language, along with the ever-present theme of love, artfully combined with what it takes to satisfy a reader of crime fiction, help make Death for the Phantom Receiver much more than just a P.I. novel, and caters both for your thirst of well-spun tales and your taste for the delicate choreography of words.

- Guillaume Destot, former editor of 3 AM Magazine

Available direct from the publisher at

Now Available: In the Shadow of the Globe by Michelle Cameron, Lit Pot Press, Inc.

"In The Shadow of the Globe is an astonishing surprise. Michelle Cameron has conjured a world and spun a poetic tale that not only honors and exalts Shakespeare and his universe but brings it to vivid, visceral, and heartbreaking life. It is a unique and breathtaking work of art inspired by the man and the theatre that defined humanity in its totality."

- Bonnie J. Monte, Artistic Director, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

"Michelle Cameron's long poem, In the Shadow of the Globe, is a tour-de-force, a breathtaking history lesson, and poetry of the highest and most ambitious order. In this astonishing work, playbills from Shakespeare's theater company provide the locus for the different voices in Shakespeare's world to spring to life, beautifully urgent and animated, to recount the drama of the incidents surrounding the Bard (the building of the Globe, Shakespeare's dalliance with the Dark Lady, the plague descending upon London). In an age of slight poems and insufficient ambition, Cameron proves herself the "real thing:" a poet of daring and verve, imagination and incredible risk-taking."

- Terri Brown-Davidson, Author of The Carrington Monologues

"The voice, the language and the milieu are rendered wholly authentic, and given that Will Shakespeare penned a few good lines himself, this is an audacious undertaking! As I turned the pages, I melted into the rich experience of those flesh and blood people, those historical icons. Yet I never felt abandoned to a history lesson, for Michelle's sheer imagination and poetic art brings the era to life, and indeed creates a living theatrical experience."

- Beverly A. Jackson, Publisher, Lit Pot Press, Inc.

Available direct from the publisher at


Now Available from Doug Tanoury

Visit a new Internet website featuring online ebook collections of poetry by Doug Tanoury.


Now Available from Margaret Karmazin

If you would enjoy a mind expanding and fun "two hour" read of "female sci-fi,", order Margaret Karmazin's chapbook, Cosmic Women from Piper's Ash Ltd. in England. E-mail to place your order and you will be contacted by Paypal later for payment. For mystical/fantasy with an ancient Native American shaman as heroine and a modern museum worker who taps into her life, order Margaret Karmazin's Bones on or


Now Available: Deadly Pollen by Stephen Oliver

Stephen Oliver makes a turn in language in his latest release, Deadly Pollen, a collection of new and recently published poems full of both original and mystical references.  Conversation, myth, image, symbol … all are mined for their poetic point, all wrung out to dry.

Perhaps the most approachable book of Oliver's to date, Deadly Pollen is full of poems that are complete in and of themselves, yet woven together with spirituality, a sense of the magic of science.

The author says his book "represents an ongoing exploration of damage to our larger cultural environment" and uses his work to "pay homage to historical memory." If, as Auden suggests, "poems make nothing happen," then Oliver's poetry is vital, classic, the literary equivalent of Dorothea Lange's photography. Oliver calls poetry "an exercise of loss and preservation." In Deadly Pollen, he submits his evidence to the world.

- Will Roby, Word Riot Press


Talk: A Novel in Dialogue

Corey Mesler's novel, Talk: A Novel in Dialogue is available from Livingston Press or signed and/or inscribed from Burke's Book Store. $14 in paperback.

"Corey Mesler's Talk is a brilliant tour de force of a novel, witty and wise and zingy with the zeitgeist. This is indeed an auspicious fiction debut."

- Robert Olen Butler

"Talk is original and evocative. Mesler has a sharp ear not only for how we say things, but, more importantly, for what the words really mean. A unique reading experience."

- John Grisham

"Corey Mesler's novel Talk is a terrific read, a real pleasure for book lovers and lovers of contemporary fiction. Written entirely in witty, sometimes dour dialogue, Talk cycles through the details of a bookseller's personal life, a life that looks just about like everyone else's--melancholy and affection, temptation and redemption, love and death in equal measures. Talk is a marvelous look at the contemporary culture, riddled with lovely asides and its fair share of jokes, almost every one of which is as affectionate and engaging as a joke can be. And you'll be surprised how sexy a book made out of dialogue can be. It's a wonderful, funny, touching story. Buy it and read it and you'll be glad you did."

- Frederick Barthelme, author of Moon Deluxe


Professional editor

Professional writer, editor, copywriter and proofreader for literary, scientific and technical copy. Ten years experience: list of clients available upon request. Hourly/project rates.


Let this Pulitzer Prize nominee editor your work

Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and a Frankfurt Award. Put this freelance editor to work for you. Fiction and non-fiction. For a free sample edit (up to 10 pages) and a price quote, contact Harvey Stanbrough.


Furiously Ordinary

David Erlewine, an attorney and writer, has nineteen literary short stories appearing or forthcoming in twenty one print and online literary journals.  His work can be viewed at  He lives in Austin, Texas and is shopping his first novel, "Furiously Ordinary," based on eight of his published stories.


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Brilliant editor with solid writing/publishing experience will salvage, polish, edit, restructure, even completely rewrite your raw manuscripts. Two previous (fiction) clients won prizes and are now agented. Editor's work appears most recently in a million-copy-printed fiction anthology.


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flashquake is a quarterly online journal devoted to flash literature. We feature fiction and nonfiction of less than one thousand words, poetry of less than 35 lines, and plays of less than 10 minutes in duration. We strive to feature original voices with original messages told in an artful way. Our goal is to publish pieces that readers will carry with them long after they've finished reading them. Original artwork and photography is also featured in flashquake's Gallery section.